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hi. my name is kristin and i have the worst timing...ON THE PLANET!

so i'm really, really happy. and i don't really know why.
i think it's the working out and finally feeling inspired to go to the gym and sweat my ass off. yeah, that's it.

i love it.

and now all of these people don't like the position i'm in.
i have friends who either:
a.) don't like alec. and think i'm unhappy.
b.) think i'm stupid for even considering</c> leaving alec.
c.) don't really have any idea what's going on, but they think one is more attractive than the other.


oh. to make things worse...he thinks i'm attractive (physically, intelligence wise, wit wise (HE LIKES MY WIT...DAMN), and so on.)
shit. where has this kid been all of my life.

plus. he PROMISED he'd make it to kansas state for a football game since we're...well...semi-close?
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