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i never noticed...

you're soooo amazing.
but how's this for a shocker. i'm happy now. i'm not hating all that is kstate and manhattan like i was last month. this is amazing. i remember talking about transfering, dropping out for a semester, escaping to atlanta at any cost...well, probably not happening...because i LIKE IT HERE. it's been fun. i mean, i think i started doing stupid shit and fucking up just so i would have an excuse to come home, but now i'm ok with not screwing up on a daily or weekly basis. i'm ok with just being satisfied with kstate for the moment. and that's a relief!
don't get me wrong. i miss georgia and everyone there with all my heart, but i'm ok with being away from everything. all the high school drama that still exists there. it's not my problem. and i like it that way.
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