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done done done done done done done!

that's right. i'm done. over it. moving on. fed up. i can't take this anymore. the constant bickering, feeling like shit, like i'm not good enough. aren't i good enough? i mean, really. i don't know if i did something to deserve the whole being treated like a big bunch of nothing, but i think i should get something better than that. something way more. i've waited for him for over 6 months now. 6 MONTHS. give me a break! i can't wait around anymore!

so here's my pledge. i pledge to stop calling, texting, harassing, etc. and start working out, looking good, destressing, and just having a good time with my last 2 years here at kstate. when mr. right comes along, i'll know. and it's not this one. unless he can magically change his shitty ways, i am DONE.

talk about unlucky in love. yeah. me. as usual.
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